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Shadi dance 2015 | Desi Shadi dance

These are best shadi dance 2015 moves videos.These moves are specially made by Dhoom bros these are some real desi shadi moves which u can do on the mehndi functions.These moves are very funny and they can be seen in some Pakistan/India mehndi or Barat functions.

shadi dance 2015/Shadi dance steps:

Move no 1 in the Shadi dance 2015 is the Aloo korma zindabad move just bend a little bit then move your arms.

Move no 2 is cleaning the window move the name of the move tells every thing we just have to move like we are cleaning the windows

Move no 3 is adjusting the belt he is moving his belt up and down like we adjust our belts.

Move no 4 is playing the baby move your hands just like the way you hold them in your hands.

Move no 5 is the chest shake u have to shake the chest against the person standing next to you.

Desi shadi moves

funny firing videos dailymotion

This video is funny firing videos dailymotionscene.A pathan boy loads the gun and he puts it in the air like he is going to fire from the gun then he pulls and starts firing from the gun.

Desi funny videos

when he fires a boy from behind is hitting a steel bowl which is producing the voice and its very funny.

Punjabi funny video – Rishte Wale

This video is Punjabi funny video.Its really funny because the boy sits in a really odd way and the  girl’s really shy in the first sight but when the girl and the boy goes in to the room for a private talk the boy sees a hockey in the room and he really gets shocked.
First the indian boy thinks that hockey is placed because she will hit him with the hockey but then the girl tells him that she is not going to beat him with it.Then she tells the indian boy that a boy from a near by village disturbed her and she beat him with this hockey.

Desi people:

In this  Punjabi funny video it starts the desi way the girl first servers tea in a tray and she keeps looking towards the floor.Now when they get in the room the man after seeing the hockey gets a wrong image in his mind this is funny because he first thinks that it’s his unlucky day. The language they were speaking was punjabi.Then the girl asks the boy to say no to the her parents because if she said then it would be her insult.Then the boy gets out of the room walk towards his parents and asks them to leave.They get a lot shocked after seeing this and they starts moving and asking the kid what actually happened in the private chat.The girl said because she hit the boy who disturbed her the people around the village are not willing to marry her or give he the rishta.The parents of the girl belong to the sikh religon because the father of the girl is wearing a pagri but the father of the boy is not wearing the pagri even the boy is not wearing it so this means the boy is not sikh.

Funny Pashto clips

This video is funny Pashto clips.Two boys are sitting and they are talking to each other in pashto language.One of them is wearing a ( Topi ) and a special Peshawari or Sawati ( Chadar) which people usually wear when it is cold this means this may be the chitral or sawat.

The little kid:

The little kid with the topi on his head looks like he is a peer baba because he is sitting on  jaye namaz.In the end the other kid gets up and starts running it looks like they have a fight between them.This is a video for kids.