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How to install Android Studio

How to install Android Studio:

Android studio is official development tool for Android.There are other tools for the development of Android application like eclipse,net beans e.t.c.Eclipse adt is one of the most used application for the development of Android application but after 2015 it will no longer be updated.So we will use Android Studio in the coming Android Application Development Tutorials.

Prerequisite to install Android Studio :

Your computer should have atleast 2 GB of RAM to run Android studio.If you want to run it smoothly 8 GB RAM is preferred and Java Development Kit (JDK) should be installed.

How to install Java Development Kit (JDK):

Android is based on java so first we have to install Java Development Kit (JDK) you can download jdk from here.Click on the Java sign and it will ask you for your platform like linux or windows.

Now after you have installed JDK you have to download Android Studio which is available on Android official website.You can download it from here.

When you will execute the setup of Android studio it will ask you where u have installed the JDK.

Location of JDK

So you have to navigate to this directory then you have to click next and the setup will install the Android Studio.If u are running on a 32 bit window JDK will be installed Program Files instead of Program Files(x86).

After you have installed the Android Studio it will download some important files.So now you know How to install Android Studio:

Can i create application for android TV and android wear:

Yes,after you have installed android studio you can create a lot of stuff.Using Android studio you can create application for a lot of things like phone,tablets,android wear and android TV.

Is it necessary to have android phone for running the Application:

No it is not necessary to have android phone to test the application that you have created.You can create your own android device that will run so that you can test your application on that device the device is called android virtual device.

Once you know how to install Android Studio it is very easy to install if you need to install again.Once you have installed android studio this window will appear:

Android Application Development Tutorials

Video on how to install Android Studio:


Cinnabon Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Cinnabon is located in the ground floor of centaurus mall Islamabad.It is an international food chain.Their food is very tasty.It is a bakery cafe.There enviornment is really good.The cafe is very beautiful.

Cinnabon Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Cinnabon centaurus mall islamabad


Cinnabon Islamabad Menu:

For their menu with price click here.They have a very good menu.They are offering a lot of things.

Cinnabon Islamabad Food:

Cinnabon offers a variety of things like breakfast ,sandwiches,pastries and take away cinnapack.

Cinnabon minibon:

cinnabon islamabad food


Cinnabon offers cupcake which is perfect.If u want to have your birthday at cinnabon the cafe is really cool.There are many other reasons for u to go there.

Cinnabon Islamabad menu

There chillers are very tasty and soothing in the summer:

Cinnabon islamabad chillers

Cinnabon Centaurus phone number:

Cinnabon Centaurus Mall Islamabad phone number is (051) 2701792.

Cinnabon Centaurus Mall Islamabad Location:

It is located on the ground floor.

Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Centaurus Mall is located in the Capital of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad.It is the tallest building in Pakistan with 41 stories.It’s estimated cost is about 350$ dollars.It has series of 3 buildings.It has 5-star hotel,offices, residential apartments .Centaurus mall is based on 4 floors which has about 250 shops.The mall has all major brands including Pakistani and international brands.Pakistani brands like outfitters,leisure club.International brands like Adidas,Nike e.t.c.

Timings of Centaurus mall:

  • Timing of Centaurus mall Islamabad is from 10 am to 10 pm

Ticket in Centaurus Mall:

Metro bus service increased a lot  number of visitors in the Centaurus mall Islamabad so they decided that people who will come after 2 pm(not confirm) will pay 100Rs which is equivalent to 1$.Foreigners will not pay ticket/coupon while entering in the mall.There are also other people that wont buy the ticket but they will have to identify them:

  • Journalists
  • Diplomats
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Members of country clubs
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Famous players
  • Celebrities e.t.c.

Centaurus mall ticket


Centaurus Mall Parking:

 Centaurus Mall Islamabad has two parking places one is in the basement and other is next to it.The basement parking is only for cars while the other parking is for both bikes and cars.

Centaurus mall Islamabad Parking


The Centaurus Mall Islamabad:

Now a days the fifth floor is opened with a famous restaurant Monal.

The Fourth Floor is the Food Court.Which has all famous international food chains,restaurants,fast food,hotels including KFC,McDonald,Burger King,Far Burger e.t.c.Pakistani desi food is also available.Fourth floor also has a cinema.There is also a fun city for kids.

The mall is equipped with  escalators and lifts so people can easily go on any floor they want.There is a mall directory installed so people can easily find their favorite shops easily also u can ask the lift operator about locations of the shop.There are different ATM machines installed on some floor so people can easily get cash.The mall is very neat and no trash is seen in the mall.

People enjoy a lot in Centaurus it is a great place for tourists.

Brands in Centaurus Mall:

Brands in Centaurus Mall


Click here to see the location in Google maps.

Metro Bus Islamabad

Metro Bus Islamabad was started on Feburary 28,2014 by the current government. it’s construction price was about 34 billion rupees.This projected was completed in June 2015.It was inaugirated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself.He belongs to the PMLN party.The metro bus is a great gift for the People of Rawalpindi.It is a modern air conditioned bus which is very comfortable.

Metro Bus Route:

Metro bus is covering a total 24 kilometers.It will start from saddar Rawalpindi to Secretariat Islamabad.It will be able to carry 150,000 people daily.

Metro islamabad bus route

Ticket Price:

The ticket will only cost 20 Rs.There is also a member ship card which cost only 120 rs which is really cheap.

Metro bus Islamabad Rawalpindi Schedule:

It will start from  Secretariat Islamabad to saddar Rawalpindi.

The people are very happy because the metro stops are really beautifully .There are escalators for the old people.There is no signal on the route of metro.There are about 60 buses initially.The project of the metro bus Islamabad Rawalpindi cost  about half of billion rupees.There is a lot of rush these days on the metro terminals because the people are really happy. Its cheap and a lot of people are trying to ride on it.There was a lot of traffic on the Islamabad express way before the construction of Metro bus.After the construction the rush has been finished.It has added a lot of beauty in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi.The people of Punjab are really happy with the government after the construction of metro in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Here is a link to the official metro bus website click here.

The metro bus runs on a bridge that is constructed for it.Only metro buses will run on it.The bus is air conditioned so people don’t fell the hot temperature when they are on the bus and the size of the bus is also very big.

Metro bus Rawalpindi

There is a metro bus Islamabad terminal that is constructed  infront of the centaurus mall.

Metro bus Islamabad

Pass out prade Kakul

This video is Pakistan Military Academy PMA 132 long course pass out prade.Parents of the students ,people from different embassy’s were also present to watch the prade video an oath was also taken from the students.