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Funny videos of ZaidAliT

When you break something – ZaidAliT

This video shows what desi moms do When you break something – ZaidAliT.

ZaidAliT – How brown girls take selfies

ZaidAliT is telling how brown girls take selfies.They always make this duck face they are always very conscious about the light and the fact that they are looking very fat.Always in a hurry “Jaldi karo Jaldi Karo” and other things they are worried about..

Brown girls taking selfies video:

ZaidAliT – How brown girls take selfies:

ZaidAliT - How brown girls take selfies


How sehri feels like everyday by ZaidAliT


Brown girls at weddings be like by ZaidAliT

This video is Brown girls at weddings be like by ZaidAliT.He is telling  how desi girls acts on a Pakistani wedding.Zaid says to her friend that she can’t dance then her friend forces to dance and then she gets up and she starts dancing like she is the best dancer in that place.This is funny because the other girls his friend gets shocked and looks towards him and gets shocked because she was also thinking that she does not knows how to dance.

This zaidalit video dailymotion is really funny because he shows some funny video in this video.The song that is placed in this video is “abhi to part shuru hui ha” after zaid’s friend sees his dance moves he fells a little guilty and then he starts moving aside because he gets embarrassed.

ZaidAlit Sense of humor:

ZaidAlit got a very good sense of humor and his videos really makes people laugh ans some time they realize the mistakes that they make.He does every thing in a really funny way i.e. his videos.

His videos are mostly about the brown people that is India and Pakistan and he keeps making new videos and every new video is more funny than the previous.He keeps on posting latest videos and he keeps people updated.

That Friend Who Acts Like an Angel Infront of Parents by ZaidAliT

This video is ZaidAliT video about That Friend Who Acts Like an Angel Infront of Parents.His friends smoke’s but when his father comes he leaves it and lies that he got admission and then Zaid’s father says that why did i get this “Gandi aulad” and “Beghairat aulad” .