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When you break something – ZaidAliT

This video shows what desi moms do When you break something – ZaidAliT.

ZaidAliT – How brown girls take selfies

ZaidAliT is telling how brown girls take selfies.They always make this duck face they are always very conscious about the light and the fact that they are looking very fat.Always in a hurry “Jaldi karo Jaldi Karo” and other things they are worried about..

Brown girls taking selfies video:

ZaidAliT – How brown girls take selfies:

ZaidAliT - How brown girls take selfies


How sehri feels like everyday by ZaidAliT


zaidalit test fail video

This video is zaidalit test fail video he is  a brown guy.Zaid comes to his class where his teacher gives him his paper and he gets an F grade he sits down while looking downwards then the teacher hands a paper to his friend and he also gets an F grade then ZaidAli looks towards his friend in a really good mood and gets really happy because his best friend also gets an f grade.

ZaidAliT funny video:

This video teaches us that the brown kids get happy if his friend also gets an “F” grade.