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Pakistani Cricketer Ahmad Shahzad Dubmash

Pakistani Cricketer Ahmad Shahzad has been making Dubmashes .He has uploaded his first dubmash.

What is Dubmash?

Dubsmash is a video messaging application for Android and IOS. In this app users can choose an audio recording of a well known quote.From a list and record a video of themselves in which they dub the quote.

He is a great Pakistani cricketer and he has been taking a lot of selfies.When he goes out to other countries to play cricket match.

Ahmad Shahzad has a lot of selfies with Shahid Afridi and other cricketers.

Ahmad Shahzad dubmash

Here is Ahmad Shahzad Dubmash video:


Metro Bus Islamabad

Metro Bus Islamabad was started on Feburary 28,2014 by the current government. it’s construction price was about 34 billion rupees.This projected was completed in June 2015.It was inaugirated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself.He belongs to the PMLN party.The metro bus is a great gift for the People of Rawalpindi.It is a modern air conditioned bus which is very comfortable.

Metro Bus Route:

Metro bus is covering a total 24 kilometers.It will start from saddar Rawalpindi to Secretariat Islamabad.It will be able to carry 150,000 people daily.

Metro islamabad bus route

Ticket Price:

The ticket will only cost 20 Rs.There is also a member ship card which cost only 120 rs which is really cheap.

Metro bus Islamabad Rawalpindi Schedule:

It will start from  Secretariat Islamabad to saddar Rawalpindi.

The people are very happy because the metro stops are really beautifully .There are escalators for the old people.There is no signal on the route of metro.There are about 60 buses initially.The project of the metro bus Islamabad Rawalpindi cost  about half of billion rupees.There is a lot of rush these days on the metro terminals because the people are really happy. Its cheap and a lot of people are trying to ride on it.There was a lot of traffic on the Islamabad express way before the construction of Metro bus.After the construction the rush has been finished.It has added a lot of beauty in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi.The people of Punjab are really happy with the government after the construction of metro in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Here is a link to the official metro bus website click here.

The metro bus runs on a bridge that is constructed for it.Only metro buses will run on it.The bus is air conditioned so people don’t fell the hot temperature when they are on the bus and the size of the bus is also very big.

Metro bus Rawalpindi

There is a metro bus Islamabad terminal that is constructed  infront of the centaurus mall.

Metro bus Islamabad

funny firing videos dailymotion

This video is funny firing videos dailymotionscene.A pathan boy loads the gun and he puts it in the air like he is going to fire from the gun then he pulls and starts firing from the gun.

Desi funny videos

when he fires a boy from behind is hitting a steel bowl which is producing the voice and its very funny.