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pakistani Boys funny video

This videos shows some funny Pakistani kids.One kid is standing next to the wall and he is using the mobile phone while the other one slaps him from back.Then he turns around and he slaps him.

Funny Videos Cow

This video is funny cow video.The man stops a rickshaw and says in urdu that he wants to go to Gulberg the rickshaw owner says that he will take 200 then he says that he is not telling the rate of gulberg then Hyderabad.Then he stops another and asks him to take him to bilal colony then the rickshaw owner agrees with him and he brings in the cow and the rickshaw owner get confused after seeing such big cow (bail) and this is looking the time of eid ul azha.

Misbah Ul Haq Tezabi Totay

This video is Misbah ul haq who is a Pakistai cricket team famous member Punjabi totay. These desi totays are broad casted on geo TV channel and these are very funny.