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Pakistani Cricketer Ahmad Shahzad Dubmash

Pakistani Cricketer Ahmad Shahzad has been making Dubmashes .He has uploaded his first dubmash.

What is Dubmash?

Dubsmash is a video messaging application for Android and IOS. In this app users can choose an audio recording of a well known quote.From a list and record a video of themselves in which they dub the quote.

He is a great Pakistani cricketer and he has been taking a lot of selfies.When he goes out to other countries to play cricket match.

Ahmad Shahzad has a lot of selfies with Shahid Afridi and other cricketers.

Ahmad Shahzad dubmash

Here is Ahmad Shahzad Dubmash video:


Funny Pakistan videos

This is Funny Pakistan videos.A donkey is lying down on a (rarey) and they are pulling the ( rarey ) in the desi way but still it’s hillarous because they are using a motor bike to pull it.The man wearing the helmet is driving the motor cycle and he is driving it in a dangerous way because he can injury if some thing comes in his way.

when the camera man looks towards the donkey that is lying on the cart the donkey looks towards the camera and tries to get up his food is also placed next to him if he gets hungry he can eat it.It is also dangerous and this type of thing should not be done.

Desi way of saving money:

This is a desi way of saving money because the donkey is transported in a cheap way but it is very dangerous for the motor cyclist and this should be avoided.

pakistani Boys funny video

This videos shows some funny Pakistani kids.One kid is standing next to the wall and he is using the mobile phone while the other one slaps him from back.Then he turns around and he slaps him.