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Setup android emulator with android studio

Setup android emulator with android studio:

In this Android Tutorial we will se.It is not necessary to have an android phone to test the android application.Android Studio comes with built in application that will create an android phone/tablet/wear or android  TV  so that you can test your application.This application is known as Android Virtual Device (AVD).To start AVD service click:

How to create an Android Emulator
Click this icon to start Android Virtual Device

Now After you have clicked the icon in red Android Virtual Device service will start .This window will open:

How to create android emulatior

Setup android emulator with android studio is very easy and user friendly.Now click on Create Virtual Device and this window will appear:

Creating Android Virtual device

This where you select the type of Android emulator you want to create.Now we are creating emulator for phone so select Category to Phone.Now we have to select the hardware type.You have to carefully choose the hardware type according to your computer RAM.If you have 8 GB or more than 8 GB RAM than you can select Nexus 6,5,4,S or Nexus One because Nexus device takes a lot of RAM.If you are running Android Studio on 4 GB or less than 4 GB RAM  scroll down and select this phone:

Setup android emulator on computer with less RAM
Select this hardware if you are running a computer with less RAM (4 GB or less than 4 GB)

Now after selecting this click next.After clicking next it’s time to select an Android Image.

What is Android System Image:

Android System Image is the the android version that your Android Emulator will be running.

If you don’t have system image installed.Click download and Android SDK service will start up and you will be able to download a system image from there.If you have system image installed select it.I am running on Less RAM so i will select :

creating an android emulator


Select the (x86) image because it gives better performance on window.You are now very near to setup android emulator with android studio.Now click next and this window will appear:


Cannot create Android Emulator
Simply remove Inches sign ” from the AVD name to remove the error

Now remove the semicolon sign and the error from AVD Name will go.You can rename the emulator according to your own choice.Now check the option (Store a snapshot for faster startup).After this click finish and android emulator will be created.After clicking finish this window will appear and you will now be able to start android emulator:

How to create android emulator

Now our emulator is created to start it click the button in the red circle.When you will click the button in red your android emulator will start up in the taskbar. This is how you setup android emulator with android studio.Now it will take some time to load and after it has completed loading up your android emulator will look like:

Setup android emulator with android studio


How to unlock your Android Emulator:

To unlock your android emulator take the pointer of the mouse to the lock sign right click it now drag your mouse to left side while holding  the right click.This method is for (Android version 2.3) for other method it will be difficult.

Now you know how to Setup android emulator with android studio and you can easily test your Application on Android.